Hong Kong Inter-Shool Alumni Associations (Canada)

hkisaa (canada)


  1. Entry Fee :  $120 per team  (6 bottles of water & 3 chinese lunch box per TEAM included. extra 1 lunch box and 2 bottle water can be pre-order for $8.00)  

  2. Butterfly 3-Star G40+ Poly Ball will be used in Tournament.
  3. REFEREE : Mr. Dave Lau (TTCAN certified referee, ITTF certified IU)
  4. Format of play : Olympic (3-6 players per team. ** no 2 players team allowed). 
    1. ​​Order of matches :   1. single A-X ,    2. single B-Y ,   3. double C+A/B - Z+X/Y ,   4. A/B-Z ,   5. C-X/Y. 
    2. Before set of matches,  each captain will select team members for the set, ie.  A/B/C for HOME team and X/Y/Z for AWAY team (HOME/AWAY will be determined during DRAW time). Captains will toss coin for Choosing TO SERVE or CHOOSE SIDE.  
    3. Absolutely no substitution during set.  Any absent player during set will be considered as being "walk over". 
  5. All matches are best 2 of 3 games during ROUND ROBIN. All matches are best 3 of 5 games during KNOCK-OUT. All sets are best 3 of 5 matches.  11 points per game. Match or set will stop as soon as best 3 of 5 decision reaches. All ITTF rules for such match will be observed in order not to delay progress of tournament.
  6. ​FOUR (4) groups of four (4) teams for initial ROUND ROBIN.  Best two (2) teams in each group will advance to KNOCK-OUT.
  7. "Consolation Ladder" for those two (2) teams lost in Round Robin.  This will make loser teams interested in staying for more competition.  **  Best 3 out of 5 games in a match will be used in this consolation ladder. 
  8. Presentation Dinner :  Time - 8:00pm       Place - Fancy Chinese Cuisine (利嘉盛)      Cost - $30.00 / person